Tank Williams


On June 30, 1980 in a state far, far away; Clevan “Tank” Williams was born. As a baby, young Clevan crushed bottles of milk at an alarming rate, rivaling the prowess of 20 year-old frat boys across the nation. Because of his addiction to the cold, soothing qualities of milk, his sister suggested to his mother that she give the young lad a “TANK” of milk to hopefully satiate his raging appetite. It’s not known if the tank of milk was ever delivered to young Clevan, but from that day forward, Tank Williams was in the building.

Tank played football, basketball, baseball and ran track as a youngster. Mr. Williams has said that his participation in multiple sports helped him cultivate a Chuck Norris-like skill set that ultimately helped him excel as an American footballer. After receiving the last scholarship offer from Stanford University in 1998, Tank grinded his way into becoming the first 1st Team All American safety in Stanford Football history.

In 2002, Tank graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Political Science and was selected #45 overall in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. If you ask him, he was on the cusp of greatness prior to three knee injuries derailing his professional career, but ultimately, his 7-year career (on the field) with the Titans, Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots can be summed up by the acronym J.A.G. – Just A Guy. Fortunately for Tank though, his exploits off the field during his career and after have helped a J.A.G. rise from the ashes like a Phoenix to spread love and good vibes to the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

In his life after football, Tank worked in commercial real estate prior to starting his own residential development company where he flipped and built homes like a boss in Northern California. Adding to his exploits, Mr. Williams also works as a NFL, college football and fantasy football analyst for Yahoo! Sports. While these passions keep Tank busier than a rabbit in the spring, he also finds time to invest in tech start-ups either through a fund of funds or by direct investment. One of his long term goals is to become a black Warren Buffet and we’re proud to say that he’s well on his way, though he has an eternity to go, but you gotta love those unreachable goals!!

Tank and his wife, Yao (Erica), were married in 2014 in a lovely ceremony in San Francisco, CA. Tank nearly escaped the clutches of Erica on that fateful day in August but now he lives each day under the relentless dominance of the Yaozzer. The only thing that helps him get through each day is Erica’s healthy, delicious, crispy granola that has their home smelling like Christmas morning every day of the year. If you need some of that in your life, visit www.gr8nola.com …it’s the BOMBAY!!

Tank’s hobbies include watching football, playing fantasy football, traveling, eating amazing food, spending time with family and writing the most ridiculous, yet accurate blurbs on the interwebs. Konichiwa!